a bit better · An odd sort of Poetry

about people

I used to write more about people,
not just people I knew,
but strangers too.
I don’t remember why I stopped.
Somebody has to write about these people.

And if I don’t
maybe they’ll disappear
into nothing,
without even my small small words
to keep them living
in their small small ways.

An odd sort of Poetry

Because of Katie Grady


I see you in and out of my life
like all the people I know
and used to know
and may someday know again.
you’ve made me who I am:
over the years I have become
bits of you,
as much as you have become pieces of me.
– the bits of you in me are the parts of me that I love the most –
thank you for that.
I’ve missed you over these times,
but never too much
you are only a phone call
and a memory away
no matter how far we go and grow
I hope you remember
and always know
I’m still in your corner
today and all the rest
you’re still in my heart
you’ll always be my best.