An odd sort of Poetry · I Just Might Be OKAY Without YOU

thank you.

It hurt.

It still hurts,

More than I care to admit.

There’s a heaviness in my chest,

And an aching in my soul.

Some part of me is missing,

A part that you took from me when you left.

I still don’t know which hurt the most:

Losing you,


Loving you.

It hurt.

It hurt so bad.

There was always a lump in my throat,

And a longing in my heart.

Some part of me was missing,

I part that I thought you could fill.

When we were together,

That hurt like hell.

I never wanted this to end,

But at least now,

I can thank you for setting me free.

Because I would’ve stayed forever,

If only you had asked me to.


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