Short Notes · words for the boy who broke my heart


He’s the man in a novel that every girl falls in love with. I know his story, every detail, every day, but I don’t know him. I’ll never touch his skin or breathe his air. I hear his voice and I see him in my dreams, but he’s not here. Every night I close the book, and He disappears. The character I love isn’t real, but still, I can’t help the way I feel.

Short Notes

The Rings of Saturn

The rings of Saturn adorned her head like a halo. They danced with pleasure, every one of them, for they were with her, and nobody could’ve wished for more. But, like the planet, she was always so far away. A gorgeous sight she was, if you were ever lucky enough to find her. And if you do, look closely and pay attention: you’ll see how she shakes and tilts on her axis; it won’t be long until she loses her delicate balance and falls.

An odd sort of Poetry · words for the boy who broke my heart

How Could I?

I couldn’t possibly love you;

How could I when I can’t even love myself?

I couldn’t possibly please you;

How could I when I can’t even please myself?

You deserve so much more,

So much better.

You don’t deserve me;

Nobody does.


I couldn’t possibly help you;

How could I when I can’t even help myself?

I couldn’t possibly be the one for you;

How could I when I’m not even the one for me?

You deserve the perfect girl.

You don’t deserve me

Because I’m not her.

I’ll never be her.

I’ll only ever be me,

And me isn’t something you should have to see.



An odd sort of Poetry · words for the boy who broke my heart

2000 Miles

Two thousand miles away.

We’ve never been together,

But I dream of touching your skin every day.

Let’s make this feeling last forever.

Tell me that we’ll find a way.


Seeing your name, I can’t help but smile.

And hearing your voice makes me weak.

Please come hold me for awhile.

Because we’ve found a love that’s quite unique.

I don’t know how you did it, but you make me feel like a child.


Back and forth my heart does sway.

I would wait for you.

I would wait for “maybe one day.”

Anywhere with you would be the perfect view.

Tell me what I need to say.