An odd sort of Poetry · words for the boy who broke my heart

Our Eclipse

We danced in circles to the perfect tune.

You were the sun,

And I the moon.

We longed for each other,

Only emotional lovers.

We were never together,

But maybe that’s for the better.

Because the skies went dark,

And I was here,

While you were there.


The skies went dark,

And you were there,

While I was here,

You shone bright,

Through day and night.

Your gorgeous rays shone on me,

And I could shine because of your light.

For awhile we played this beautiful game.

Back and forth, always the same.

But soon you got tired,

and I got sad.

My darkness covered all the light we had.


The skies went dark,

And I was here.

Living in darkness you could not bear.

I was here,

But you weren’t there.


For L.