Narratives · Short Notes

Tell me about Betrayal

I sit on the cold tile floor with trembling knees tucked against my chest as I gaze apathetically at the endless supply of food in the pantry. Each resting glance makes my stomach feel weak and my irreparable spirit grow poorer. A familiar faintness overcomes me, and to subdue the blurry spots in my vision, I close my longing eyes and rest my head against my knees.The black poison seeps from the corners of my eyes, it’s heavy and threatens to take everything, yet I long to succumb to the darkness, for in the darkness there is something that resembles relief. It’d been far too long since I’d nourished my body. The only thing I’ve been able to keep down is that little blue pill, whose purpose is to numb the pain, to make me “happy.” My body has betrayed me, my mind has betrayed me, and worse of all my soul has betrayed me.


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