An odd sort of Poetry · Short Notes

So Soon Forgotten

The wood was rotting and every living thing was visibly withering away.

The autumn of my life is upon me,

and the cold dead winter is drawing ever nearer.

The  life will be sucked out of every living thing,

and all the beauty will have fallen to the cold dark earth to be crushed,

then so soon forgotten.

An odd sort of Poetry · Short Notes


I feel estranged and delusional.

Like I’ve gone mad, but nobody other than myself can witness the insanity.

When I say I estranged, I mean estranged from myself, my being, my body, my soul.

The oddest sensation has overtaken me.

An almost manic apathy, if you can imagine.


A Sailboat for Sale

Ever single day- twice a day rather, some days even more often- I drive by the sailboat for sale. I’ve never sailed a boat, but sailboats have a great deal of meaning to me, and that meaning can be traced back to a certain book by an author named Sharon Creech. Creech penned a novel called The Wanderer. I’ve read it countless times since childhood, and I think, in some ways, it has influenced me quite a bit. The protagonist sails the oceans with her male cousins, and I think, without really realizing it, I’ve always aspired to be like her.

My heart breaks every day when I pass the vessel. How could one not want it? It has beautiful white sails and looks to be well built; I would go into greater detail, but like I said, I really don’t know much about sailboats. Nevertheless, I drive past the beauty daily and my mind wanders to all the places I wish it could be. If only that sailboat was my sailboat. Maybe then I would be the one sailing the world, being free, instead of driving to school to sit through endless lectures on the circumference of a circle.

Do not be mistaken, I’m more than grateful for my education, and I understand the weight of what I’ve been given. In fact if it weren’t for my education I never would’ve found my infatuation for this particular sailboat. For it was in a grade school library that I discovered and first read The Wanderer, which ignited my interest in the subject.

These thoughts, though, are simply that. Thoughts and nothing more. Land locked, I would have no ocean to travel far and wide and even if I did I would lack the proper companionship. I fear if I were to purchase this sailboat for sale, it would sit in my driveway, much like it does now in its current state. But, even so, it saddens me to think that one day I’ll drive by and the sailboat will be gone. Surely I’ll notice when that becomes the case. Right?

I can only hope that when it no longer sits in view on my route to school that it’s because some adventurous soul, who is well versed in the works of Sharon Creech, has purchased it and taken the vessel to sea.